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Map Truckers 2 (1.43.x)
The map was created based on the famous game Truckers 2 and almost completely repeats the same territories familiar to many experienced players.

offline map

The map is similar to the map from the game Truckers 2
Slightly enlarged cities compared to the standard D2 map.
A fully functional map that allows you to carry cargo, buy trucks, etc.
Made from standard textures and prefabs, so it has a small size
Increased the amount of money at the start of the game
Slightly changed the economy of the game
Redesigned banking system
Works in convoy mode
To start, create a new profile and select the D2.mbd module

Update for 1.43.x

Author: Ivan, adaptation of Ping Pong

Unpack the archive to your desktop
- Run the exe installer and wait for the automatic installation to finish;
- Now you can start the game, and in the profile settings you must enable the mod itself -