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Rusmap update to version 2.44

Download (1,5 GB)

Rebuilt Zelenoborsky.
The second connection with (Penza - Syzran) has been built, Penza itself has been slightly expanded.
A partial rebuild of obsolete map assets has been made.

***Game patch - 1.44 only !!***
Please keep the original download links, respect the work of the author!
Please save the original download link!
1.Unzip the archive and run the installer
2.Wait for the installation to finish and start the game
3. Enable mods in the game. Have a nice game!

Hash amount:
1.48 GB installer: MD5:77119E3ADF03E6851697DA17B9BB3FE0
Archive: 1.48 GB: MD5:91703DBE93310B9CAD59D018AC51D74F